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casey key pagodas
Pagoda Photos
Cover and interior photos for Sarasota Magazine's Annual Platinum Issue
venice magazine max kelly
The Blue Rooster
Graphic Branding, Photography and Website design and Development.

Havana, Cuba
Photo story from the streets.

Selva Sarasota
Logo, Signage, Web Design and Photography for this Sarasota hotspot.
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December 1, 2012
To all my wonderful design clients:
re than 25 years working in graphic design, I have made the decision to retire from the field as of January 1. I will continue with my photography work and other artistic pursuits, and of course I am committed to completing any specific short-term design projects which we have agreed to or which we have underway. For your web maintenance or future design projects, whether large or small, I will happily package your graphic files and send you a download containing all of your design and supporting files so that another designer or developer can easily pick up and continue with your projects.I am incredibly grateful for all the great design business we’ve done together over the past years. Thank you for your support and camaraderie.

Max Kelly

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